how to complete verification

Step 1 open screen recorder

Step 2 open this link and record for 9 seconds

Stip 3 upload video to tiktok

Stip 4 chose this music in tiktok

worth nothing (fast & furious drift tape/phonk vol 1)

Step 5 copy this hashtags and past in video description

Download Mobile Games
#fifa23mobile #gta5mobile #gta6mobile
#rdd2mobile #fortnitemobile 
#minecraftmobile #fyp #foryou
#foryoupage #viral #trending

Step 6 past Tiktok link of video you upload it

note:  sometimes you cant copy link you need wait fro 10 minut to video processing in tiktok
then you can copy the link

Step 7 finish 2 verification

after you finish this 7 steps wait for admin will review your tiktok video and active your game
if you dont see your game verifed that mean you dont do the steps corectly just repet agian and wait for verification